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my mind is clearer now

Queer trans* feminist who gets hella passionate about stuff. Ask me whatevs. If you want me to tag something I haven't been tagging, just say. If I've said/done something shitty, it'd be really great if you could call me out on it.
NOTE: If you must use pronouns, mine are they/them/their.
Jan 29 '14

Caught up on PoI.

Cannot describe my anger.

Jan 20 '14


i know it’s a crime to steal board games but that’s a Risk i’m willing to take

Jan 20 '14


"are there any straight people in your story?”

"no they’re not relevant to the plot"

Jan 20 '14

Science fiction can, and should, be about reimagining social possibilities, not just blowing shit up in space; however, if you can reimagine social possibilities while blowing shit up in space, I am all for that.


Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania

Jan 20 '14



au where moffat actually accepts criticism and develops into a good writer

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Jan 8 '14
"Queerness, to me, is about far more than homosexual attraction. It’s about a willingness to see all other taboos broken down. Sure, many of us start on this path when we first feel “same sex” or “same gender” attraction (though what is sex? And what is gender? And does anyone really have the same sex or gender as anyone else?). But queerness doesn’t stop there.
This is a somewhat controversial stance, but to me queer means something completely different than “gay” or “lesbian” or “bisexual.” A queer person is usually someone who has come to a non-binary view of gender, who recognizes the validity of all trans identities, and who, given this understanding of infinite gender possibilities, finds it hard to define their sexuality any longer in a gender-based way. Queer people understand and support non-monogamy even if they do not engage in it themselves. They can grok being asexual or aromantic. (What does sex have to do with love, or love with sex, necessarily?) A queer can view promiscuous (protected) public bathhouse sex with strangers and complete abstinence as equally healthy.
Queers understand that people have different relationships to their bodies. We get what it means to be stone. We know what body dysphoria is about. We understand that not everyone likes to get touched the same way or to get touched at all. We realize that people with disabilities may have different sexual needs, and that people with survivor histories often have sexual triggers. We can negotiate safe and creative ways to be intimate with people with HIV/AIDs and other STIs.
Queers understand the range of power and sensation and the diversity of sexual dynamics. We are tops and bottoms, doms and subs, sadists and masochists and sadomasochists, versatiles and switches. We know what we like and don’t like in bed.
We embrace a wide range of relationship types. We can be partners, lovers, friends with benefits, platonic sweethearts, chosen family. We can have very different dynamics with different people, often all at once. We don’t expect one person to be able to fulfill all our diverse needs, fantasies and ideals indefinitely.
Because our views on relationships, sex, gender, love, bodies, and family are so unconventional, we are of necessity anti-assimilationist. Because under the kyriarchy we suffer, and watch the people we love suffering, we are political. Because we want to survive, we fight. We only want the freedom to be ourselves, love ourselves, love each other, and live together. Because we are routinely denied that, we are pissed.
Queer doesn’t mean “don’t label me,” it means “I am naming myself.” It means “ask me more questions if you’re curious” and in the same breath means “fuck off.”"

What Queerness Means To Me « Tranarchism (via docasaur)

what is said about gender is soooo much why i id as queer. but i love it all.

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Crunk Feminist Collective, hellz yes. 

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this is just utter perfection. ugh. so good. 

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simply beautiful

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Jan 8 '14


relationship tip: call your significant other ‘hun’. it is the best endearment because it means you believe they are mighty enough to take over Europe.

Jan 8 '14
Jan 8 '14





You sing along to Panic At The Disco or you hop out of my car and walk

by Fall Out Boy

if you don’t understand why this is funny, I don’t think I can explain it to you. 

by Panic! At The Disco

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Jan 8 '14


‘stop being overdramatic’ they say

‘i dont know what you mean’ i say as i descend from the ceiling, surrounded by mist